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Nov 11 2013


…it’s the fandom Tumblr deserves, just not the one it needs right now. So follow us, because were not just bloggers. We’re silent guardians, watchful protectors, The Dark Knight Fandom.




…it’s the fandom Tumblr deserves, just not the one it needs right now. So follow us, because were not just bloggers. We’re silent guardians, watchful protectors, The Dark Knight Fandom.


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Aug 23 2013

I just had a really bad thought. What if this is the Superman curse?

Think about it I really liked Man of Steel yeah it may not have been the greatest movie ever but Henry Cavill was great and I have/had really high hopes for where it was going.

But what if this Batman/Superman movie ends up sucking and derails the whole Superman/Justice League franchise they got going. Let’s face it Batman IS the Justice League and I just don’t see Ben Afleck stealing the show in Man of Steel 2 or carrying the Justice League movies.


Stop using the argument that everyone thinks he can’t play Batman and we’ll be surprised!

Yes people freaked out when Heath was announced as the Joker but most people were just curious NOT cynical and what did we have to go off of A Knight’s Tale, 10 Things I Hate About You?

It’s not that we think Ben Afleck can’t play Batman…We just want to see someone else do it!!!!

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Aug 22 2013

Maybe it’s just the shock and depression but I was like “I’ll just wait to see how he does..”

But then I was like I DON’T WANT TO SEE HIM AS BATMAN!!!!

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Good job Warner Bros. you clearly made the better choice…said no one ever

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Words cannot describe how I feel…

I am one of the biggest Batman fans out there I loved him when I was a kid when only “nerds” followed him and now when it’s cool to like Batman.

That being said I was so excited when I heard about the Batman/Superman and could not wait to find out who would play the next Batman.

I heard every name in Hollywood, some good some bad but just recently they said we wouldn’t know till at least September.


1st. What the fuck?

2nd. I like Ben Afleck honestly I think he really found himself as a director and redeemed himself as an actor. BUT HE IS NOT BATMAN!!!!!!

1. He’s already been a superhero and yes (stupid hipster voice) “it wasn’t his fault Daredevil sucked” that being said I can name at least 10 other actors that HAVEN’T played superheroes that deserve to play Batman. Give these young perfectly capable talented actors a chance to prove themselves as an actor…AS AN ACTOR. Ben Afleck already had that time.

2. I get it they want a seasoned Batman that being said you can have a seasoned actor without making him old just look at the new Arkham game. Also Ben is 41, he’ll be 43 when the movie comes out and they’re doing the Justice League which means it will be at least two years in between films. So he could be nearly 50 by the time they do all the movies. Plus we’ve already seen a great older storyline with Batman

3. He is not Batman. He doesn’t have the intense Batman stare like at all. He has a really weak jaw line and chin. He just isn’t that charming when he’s gonna be Bruce Wayne because we’re just gonna see goofy Ben Afleck from like Armageddon and Pearl Harbor. He was in good shape in The Town but I just can’t see him filling out the cape and cowl as it should.

4. I feel like some of this is Oscar high. He just won an oscar his acting career is rekindled so I feel like they’re thinking who can beat Christian Bale, an oscar winner who could’ve made the Justice League (and was also asked to do it) and who already knows how to play a superhero?

I like the guy and how he’s come back but I hate this. Zack Snyder says he really likes him and can’t wait to work with him so I think it’s the classic case of the film makers want to see him as Batman more than the fans. I feel bad cus I really like the guy but I am really disappointed.

He’s really humble and down to earth so I think (judging by the amount of negativity I’ve seen so far) he might be like you know what people don’t want me as Batman so I’ll respect that. But let’s be honest what actor would turn down Batman?

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Aug 13 2013

My choices for Batman:

Tyler Hoechlin

Luke Evans

Richard Armitage

Anson Mount

Joe Manganiello

- Notice how they all have dark hair and strong jaws. Coincidence?

Sep 08 2012

Wayne Manor!!! This is a more exclusive and up close look at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham that stood in as Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight Rises. The building itself is actually like a community museum open to everyone located on a deer park.

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Sep 07 2012

Heaver Castle in a day…AKA the home of Anne Boleyn and the most beautiful place I have ever been

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Oxford in a day

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